Wyatt stumbled upon her own unique application of oil to stretched canvas using small canvas pieces as brushes. This approach began in the early 90's where she wanted the smooth effect of airbrush without its technicalities as she began to wipe oil onto her canvases. She tears 2" square canvas pieces, folds each to form triangular corners, dips them in turpenoid & oil paint, then wipes and mixes the paint directly on the painting surface.
The corners of the fold are used to form the small areas of facial features, as the flat portion spreads the paint throughout the body, and background.
These 2" pieces are dried forming a natural 3-D effect, and then individually hand stitched onto stretched bars collectively creating textured collages titled WYATT'S BRUSHES. It takes the completion of several original paintings to accumulate enough 2" pieces to form one sizable collage each titled and consecutively numbered.

51" x 48"



Commission A Work of Fine Art

A Portrait in Oil on Canvas

*of You * A Sweetheart * Family * A Friend




*Oil on wrap around canvas 30" x 40" sized for 1 to 2 figures..............$800 & up.
Add $300 for 2nd figure
*Oil on wrap around canvas 36" x 48" sized for groups of 3 & more..............$1000 & up.
Add $300 for each additional figure over 1 up to 5

* Customer to preview portrait close to completion for approval via photo or in person
* Price does not include framing
* 50% deposit due in advance......Balance due upon delivery
* Customer pays for shipping
* Allow 3-4 weeks for creativity. More time needed to paint additional figures

Write....KAREN JOHNSON WYATT'S STUDIO/ 2315 Harlem Avenue/ Baltimore, MD 21216
E-MAIL: kjohnsonwyatt@aol.com

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Photograph of the artist by Fearonce La Lande-Esq.
Photograph of art by Sheridan Dean and Afiya Palmer
Photograph of Wyatt's Brushes #4 by Sharon Matthews/Griffin Galleries
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